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                                "Information is the currency of democracy"

                                                                              Thomas Jefferson



   The Quality of Laws Institute, a California non-profit (501.c.3) corporation, was incorporated in 1995.  The mission of the Institute is to foster excellence in governance and the ascendancy of democracy by means of quality programs for laws and the science of laws.




It is axiomatic that the fields of science have been and will continue to be successful.  As the investigative sciences accumulate more knowledge of the physical universe, the creative (engineering) sciences use that knowledge to create more sophisticated and capable tools, or technology, for the solution of problems.  The investigative sciences, in turn, use new technology to derive additional knowledge of the physical universe.  The interaction of the investigative and creative sciences (an exponential growth relationship) creates the optimistic scenario where, at any given time, problems are being solved by ever-improving means and problems of the next higher order of complexity are in the process of being solved.  




The ongoing advancement of productive fields that improve the human condition has one very notable exception: lawmaking.  Unlike every other enterprise that creates useful products, the lawmaking process has undergone no substantive improvement since its inception in prehistory.  It was unfazed, for example, by the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution, and it continues to create new laws without the benefit of quality standards, design expertise, or a basis in knowledge(!). 


The result of lawmaking -- of grand legislative spectacles characterized by eloquent oratory and incisive debate -- is chaos.  The bodies of laws of government are not only ineffective in the solution of societal problems, they have become so large and complex that no one can "know the law" in its entirety and laws must be enforced selectively in violation of the rule of law.  In essence, the present lawmaking process, as an intended beneficial means for the advancement of humankind, is a failure.




The Quality of Laws Institute is developing a new science: The Science of Laws.  Laws and lawmaking operate within, and produce measureable effects upon the physical universe, and they are long overdue for incorporation within the domain of science.  


The investigative science of laws is accumulating knowledge of laws and lawmaking, and the (as yet undeveloped) creative science of laws will apply engineering methodologies and quality standards to the design of laws.  By these means lawmaking will become a competent knowledge industry, and will attain the same levels of success that now characterize every other field of science such as aeronautics, pharmacology, and information technology.  The chaos and failure of lawmaking will come to an end, and laws will become effective and just instruments for the solution of societal problems in the best interest of the people as a whole.




In association with the Science of Laws, the Quality of Laws Institute is working on quality programs for laws and lawmaking (the "Quality of Laws Revolution").  Quality programs have proven to be effective and beneficial for every other productive industry and they promise to be equally effective and beneficial for the lawmaking industry.   


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For those that are able, please help us by providing a tax deductible donation for sponsorship of our research and outreach projects.  Your donations will help to advance the development of science and quality programs for laws and lawmaking.


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The reference text for the development of the science of laws is the book titled, "THE END OF CHAOS: Quality Laws and the Ascendancy of Democracy."